Captain Marvel: Mid-credits and end-credits scene explained

Woah! Not only Wonder Woman Captain Marvel beats SIX superhero movies with its opening box office

And I know, you aren't like them.

Honestly, you've been warned: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS. Humor winds up being provided by Samuel Jackson's Nick Fury, heart by Lashana Lynch's Maria Rambeau, and pathos by...well, I don't want to spoil anything.

In the second scene, Goose - who has now been established as a Flerken and not a domesticated house cat - is on Fury's desk. So maybe try not holding him right up to your face? And he played a big part in getting Fury and safety. Turns out it was very much not fine.

Captain Marvel is the final step before Avengers: Endgame, and no one can blame you for waiting with bated breath all the way through to the credits. Give it a looksy!

I mean, I wasn't bored like this during the superheroine movie Wonder Woman. It is also the first time a female director, Anna Boden, is driving a superhero film in Marvel's stable with her "equal" collaborator of 20 years, Ryan Fleck.

Is it necessary for you, a perfectly sensible Marvel fan with no deep-seated misogynistic views, to add your voice to a crowd of trolls? We'll see. We always think and dream about potential additional adventures, but really focus on the one we literally finished a week and a half ago. Kevin Feige. He's tricking us into thinking the Skrulls are good people so we let our guard down. And theatre operators have confidently predicted Captain Marvel will continue Disney's blockbuster run. Or the Uber driver who told me Black Panther was the most boring movie he'd ever seen - was he watching a documentary about literal black panthers? If it's happened that he hit paged her and she didn't respond, then you have to answer the new question of why she didn't answer the page. But that doesn't settle anything!

Gayle King's interview with R Kelly's two girlfriends will shock you!
Savage concurred with Clary, accusing her parents of extortion. "I know for a fact that my sister is not OK". It comes hours after R Kelly tearfully and angrily denied allegations of sexual abuse in a TV interview.

It is the first Marvel film to feature a lead female superhero in a movie of her own. Wouldn't calling in Captain Marvel be a good idea during the Battle of NY or when Ultron was going to create an extinction-level event?

You can see him running away from an explosion in Thor's cape, which we're pretty sure is just a photoshop decision and not a plot point. And now the actress and her film are under piracy attack.

How Did Mar-Vell Get the Tesseract? "Damn her POWER #CaptainMarvel". "Nothing is more unsafe than emotion", he warns her. "Doubt makes you vulnerable". This implies that a lot of the first act could take place before Ant-Man even gets out of the Quantum Realm; either that or he's just in ant-sized form, invisible to the naked eye. It'll also hopefully bring us the solution to the world Thanos left behind in Infinity War... so this movie has big implications for the future of the franchise. The engine explodes and the Tesseract's energy bonds with Carol Danvers. Another detail revealed in the post-credits is that Captain Marvel is now wearing a slightly different costume, which includes some new gold shoulder pads and an altered logo at the center of her chest.

It's not necessarily their best origin film to date, but it was one of the most enjoyable rides I had with an MCU movie. Perhaps she was born here, grew up here, and was trained here.

"Honestly, since they won't tell us anything about "Avengers".

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